Our Journey

10 years in the making, Kali is the manifestation of a dream. A dream which started from the humble markets of Durban to the silver screen. We are Kim and Pashi and we share a common love and passion for culture and cuisine. It’s the reason we embarked on this uncertain journey into the food industry. What started as a humble market stall serving street cuisine confirmed a mutual love that endeavours to create change through re-imagining classic dishes, flavours and cooking styles. Fast forward a few years and we found our journey leading us onto the SAFTA award winning prime time show My Kitchen Rules where we gave the world a glimpse of their talent and ability to create magic in the kitchen. Kali was the dream but the road to Kali was one filled with many trials, tribulations , triumphs but most of all perseverance.

“Wasted are wings , if one is not filling to take the leap for ones convictions “

– Pashi Reddy

The Kali Experience

At Kali we welcome those with an open mind and an open heart, those who like to colour outside the lines, especially when it comes to food. The Kali experience is a sensory journey which elicits an emotive response by creating unexpected, fused flavours that will build new memories of old favourites. We are breaking barriers through cultural fusion. On our many travels we were drawn to Pan-Asian flavours and fragrances, we have injected our Indian heritage, cooking styles and spices to create a liberating experience for all your senses…designed to reimagine food as we know it. Along the journey you will meet our new dishes, and many with new names like the Raco: the traditional roti, inspired by a taco For us, food is playful, fun and full of inspiration…

“The breaking of bread , breaks barriers “

– Pashi Reddy

Tantric Tapas

Our menu was created to weave a story that has yet to unfold on your palette and your plate At Kali we bring you an immersive taste experience to talk about, to fill your insta-feed with and to deeply enjoy with your family and friends.

The Kali Menu is Divided into Four sections :

Enlightenment - Light tapas

To get you started on your journey and taste exploration

Fulfilment – Heavier Tapas

For the slightly hungrier and bigger groups.

Harmony – Sharing Platters

Mix and match your favourites and customize your experience.

Bliss – End on a sweet note.

Did we say Tapas desert? Try them all.

“If life is a table , fill the missing seats with laughter, the empty cups with optimism,

and nourish your soul with the fruits of your labor “

-Pashi Reddy


Working with some of the industries finest mixologists, Kali breathes exploration of the senses into even the
simplest of cocktails. Celebrating our local flora, fauna , herbs and spices our Bar team create works of art, infusing
premium spirits with botanicals that deliver on flavour.
At Kali our modern interpretations of classic cocktails and signatures are designed to pair with various offerings on
our menu. Ask your waitron to

I don’t need anyone to rectify my existence.

The most profound relationship we will ever have is the one with ourselves.

— Shirley MacLaine

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